See how cute they are? Or at least my visual inspirations are adorable.

Gaea’s Chosen: Heavenly Bodies

Happy Halloween and welcome back to my long-neglected blog! Not sure who I’m welcoming… it may only be me, but damn it’s good to see me around these parts again. So for those who have waited a gajillion seconds, minutes, […]

#DailyPicspiration Week 7 – Miss Me, Kait – Part Two

For those who were paying attention the last few days, I had a fun (and naughty) blog hop running from 8/10-8/14. As promised, I’m announcing the winner of the hop here. I’m also announcing the winner of the Character Matters […]

Character Matters 08/01/12 – Cara Michaels & Gemma Bryant

Who: Gemma Rae Bryant What: Commander, USN; Commander, Gaea’s Ark; Captain, Gaea’s Shadow When: 24th century – 218th century Where: Cara Michaels‘ sci-fi shorts Gaea’s Chosen: The Mayday Directive (main), Gaea’s Chosen: Event Horizon (supporting). A run-in with a wormhole and […]

#DailyPicspiration Week 3 – Just In Case: A Gaea’s Chosen Prelude

So… on my way to write my Daily Picspiration for 7/14, I poked through the blog and saw one of my pic choices already in use. This was last Thursday, and I had until 10pm Friday to turn in my […]

Gaea’s Chosen: Event Horizon – Six Sentence Sunday 04/01/12

Ever have one of those moments you’re really enjoying, even as that pesky, sensible portion of your brain is thinking maybe this isn’t the right time or place? “We should stop.” “We should definitely keep going,” I argued. “Oh, God, I’ve […]

Lucky 7: Event Horizon

I’ve seen this Lucky 7 meme popping up on blogs and FB, and I’ve even been tagged once or twice for it. The others said I had to use page 77 though, and I don’t have a page 77 ready […]

#WeekendWritercize 03/17/12 – Jitters

  Okay, so after a few weeks of not gelling with the #WeekendWritercize prompts, Alana delivered something I could really sink my teeth into this week… which means, 904 words later, I have a tentative opening for Gaea’s Chosen: Heavenly […]

Gaea’s Chosen: Event Horizon – Six Sentence Sunday 03/11/12

  After a much needed break to edit and release Gaea’s Chosen: Event Horizon, I decided to celebrate the release of the second tale in my science fiction series with some 6-sentence action: “Are we really alive?” I asked. “As […]

Gaea’s Chosen: Event Horizon

  It’s official! It took an extra week (welcome to the clash of Real Life vs. Writing Life when the two aren’t quite the same thing yet), but it’s worth the wait. If you haven’t had a chance to check […]

Gaea’s Chosen: Event Horizon – T-10 days and counting

  So you’ve been waiting very patiently for the peek at Gaea’s Chosen: Event Horizon. But before I get to the big reveal, I wanted to share the awesome news I received this week regarding book one in the series, Gaea’s […]