OctPoWriMo 18: Small Town Savior

In the distance, there is thunder

Lightning dancing on the horizon

But above

The clouds hang so strange

Over our small town

Heavy and round

Eggs in cluttered rows

Waiting to hatch the imminent storm

“Never seen the like,”

Neighbors whisper

“He warned us, didn’t he?”

I do not know their meaning

Until the priest moves among us

Eyes on the heavens

Crossing himself

“The wicked can still repent,” he calls

“I believe they can be saved.”

Sparks erupt into flames

The church struck down

A blazing omen

Of tempests to come

“No one can save us now, Father.”


“Small Town Savior” – Cara Michaels 2015


About the image:

Mammatus Clouds Over Saskatchewan

Image Source: Astronomy Picture of the Day
Image Credit & License: Craig Lindsay, Wikipedia



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