Just One Question – An Interview with Siobhan Muir


Siobhan Muir, author of the new dragon-shifter tale, Not a Dragon’s Standard Virgin, joins me today to answer (and elaborate on) just one question.

Cara: If dragons existed, what would they be like?

Siobhan: What do you mean, if they existed?

Cara: Step outside the world of your story, for a moment…

Siobhan: The answer is rather simple I guess. I always imagined dragons to be much like Dragonheart – wise creatures with the longevity to see their mistakes and learn from them.


Cara: So… intelligent, then. And willing to stir up some occasional mischief. I was wondering whether you’d land on the ‘mindless beast’ or ‘wizened world elder’ side.

Siobhan: World elder side, definitely.

Cara: Now in terms of your story…

Siobhan: In my world, dragons have been around since before the world began and the Goddess asked the dragons to live among the peoples of her world and protect them from the demons of Kilgorem (the underworld). However, the demons would like nothing better than to have the dragons wiped out, so they often try to impersonate dragons to get the humans, the most volatile of all the peoples, to kill them off. In defense, dragons have become shifters, able to assume the guise of any species on our world, but mostly they use a human guise and live among us. They’re warriors, furniture makers, musicians, scholars, firemen (for obvious reasons), school teachers, doctors and landowners. They live on all continents and in all countries and the color of their eyes reflects the color of their scales when they shift into their true forms.

Jonarrion Swiftwind is my current favorite dragon. He’s the hero in Not a Dragon’s Standard Virgin, my newest release from Siren Publishing. He has sapphire blue eyes and a lovely Irish brogue when he speaks.

Cara: The Dragonheart brogue stuck with you, then. 😉

Siobhan: LOL. Jon’s a huge fan of cherry tarts and mead, but he’s sworn off virgins, particularly fiery redheads in random Scottish villages near a demon’s lair. He used to be a playboy and a ne’er-do-well, but after the death of his pregnant sister-in-law at the hands of a demon-possessed human, he’s dedicated his life to the warrior path to rid the world of the demon-taint.

So dragons are ordinary folk just like you and I, except they’re impervious to fire, tend to live millennia rather than decades, and aren’t able to reproduce until they reach their first thousand years. See? Totally normal. 😉

Cara: Sounds like a well established world. I’m sure we’ll see more dragon shifters popping up in your published works soon.

Siobhan: There’s Denarrion, Charlorrion, Aliandra, Torriandra…

Cara: Wheeee… big plans.

Siobhan: But first up, there’s Jonarrion and his redheaded lassie, Isabelle Andersen, a woman with a unique problem. Meet them both in Not a Dragon’s Standard Virgin from Siren Publishing. I hope you, like Isabelle, will give Jonarrion a chance and see just how cool, and normal, dragons are.

Cara: Can’t wait to read it, Siobhan. Thanks for stopping by to give us your thoughts on dragons.

Siobhan: Thanks for having me here today, Cara. 🙂


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  1. Great interview. I love reading Q & As that make me feel as though I’m eavesdropping on a conversation between friends.

    Incidentally, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster. Check out my blog.

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