#WIPflash – Week 4 – Results

#WIPflash Week 4 Results


A great week of entries! Welcome to newcomer Vik (@IAmVagabond), with a sparse entry of love lost. Laura got a virtual kick in the pants to work on her fantastical NaNo novel, aptly titled “Aftermath.” Miranda gave us a tale love gone so very wrong (killer ending… seriously). And Dr Magoo, Rebecca, and Rebekah took us back to familiar reading places…



DrMagoo | @drmagoo

This tale of a sentient, time travelling umbrella continues to build in complexity and intrigue. Where have you taken poor Simon and Emily now? And where (when?) will they go next?

Rebecca Brennan Hart | @bexbrennan

Rebecca – Awesome to see these characters back in action. I like this scene from Domnu’s point of view. You give a clear picture of their stark environment and predicament. Your use of the photo prompt was nicely done, and an all too real fear for such circumstances.



Rebekah Postupak | @postupak

Two weeks in a row! Rebekah, this is another fantastic snippet with your feisty granny. Your writing is solid and filled with descriptions for the mind’s eye to feed on (hello, soft white wings!). From the impressive tone of voice (I believe I’m familiar with at least the ‘Eat your broccoli’ one) to Holst’s Planets, to the multiplying bunnies and Magic for Seniors… This character makes me laugh every single time I read her. I fully expect to be reading her entire adventure. SOON.


Read Rebekah’s and all the great stories here.

Congratulations Rebekah, Rebecca, and Dr Magoo! 😀 Flash your badges with pride!

See you all in two weeks for the next #WIPflash.

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