What’s Love Got To Do With It? (Love Bites Blog Hop)


2013 Love Bites Blog Hop

I’m sure you will all be eternally grateful when I tell you the title of this blog hop didn’t immediately inspire thoughts of a certain Def Leppard song. Okay, okay… it did do exactly that, but I beat those thoughts back into the dark corners of my mind.

So in the wake of the finest 90s power metal cheese… my mind latched onto 80s Tina Turner, and a song that was a staple of my impressionable childhood.

This song kinda, sorta led to a story about a god of love who just ain’t gonna take it anymore. Not sure how well this fits the theme of “Love Run Amok, Aground or Otherwise Off Course”… but the story wanted out. So here is my little tale:


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

He tossed the bow at my feet. His quiver of arrows spilled across the floor.

“Stop being a petulant child, Eros.”

“Child?” He stalked me, every inch the hunter. I backed up until I touched cool marble, but he didn’t stop, trapping me against the wall. “I am primordial. Older than you, Goddess. Older than even the Titans. Do I feel like a child to you?”

“I—I—” Great Zeus, what did he hide beneath his chiton? “Your duty—”

“My duty, yes. To entice those filthy—” He nuzzled my throat— “uneducated—” His tongue trailed up until his teeth caught my tender earlobe— “heathens to toss caution and sense to the wind.”

He pressed against me, hard enough to make me forget myself.

“Yes,” he said, warm breath teasing my temple. “You feel it. The urge to mate. It builds inside you. Here.” Hands skimmed the swells of my breasts. “And here.” He boldly cupped the heat between my thighs. “Until you can barely think.” His free hand rested over my heart. “Now tell me, Goddess. What do you feel here?”

“Desire,” I whispered.


Panic roiled in my belly. “What does love have to do with this?”

“Nothing,” he said. “Hearts are broken so easily.” He turned away, leaving me aching everywhere he’d touched. “Better to be a fevered screw, a poke in the dark.”

“Eros, you rule passion.”

“Not anymore,” he said. “The humans will have to do for themselves now. I want something more.”

250 words

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23 thoughts on “What’s Love Got To Do With It? (Love Bites Blog Hop)

    1. Ha! Funny thing… I just might be writing one. 😉 (But I don’t know about the failing part. Gotta give the poor guy a break sometime.)

  1. I’m liking this Eros. . . . Phew, he’s hot. . . . in a bad boy kinda way which we all love. . . . the banter between these two is excellent, creating a fantastic story with bold characterisation. I really enjoyed this. x

  2. Wonderful to think of Eros in a different vein seems like he has turned into the Lord of Lust. Fantastic full-on writing!

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