#WIPflash – Week 2 – Results

#WIPflash Week 2 Results


Jerry Says: What a great set of entries! Each piece was complete but left me wanting to read the greater piece from which they were drawn. All of the pieces left me thinking and wanting more. You are all great writers and I hope to read more in this flash fiction in the future. Let me also thank my good friend Cara for asking me to judge this contest. It is such a privilege and an honor.

Best regards to all!!



Rebecca Brennan Hart | @bexbrennan

Jerry Says: A close second, and honorable mention, was R. Brennan. The animal characters and the challenges they were meeting in the cold, stark environment painted a strong picture.

H.L. Pauff | @HLPauff

Jerry Says: The warrior scenario and the conflict between the two characters seemed complete even in less than 400 words.




Jerry Says: My favorite was Tamara’s. “…the way my body is all slight lines, like I’m a charcoal drawing someone didn’t press down hard enough on.” How can you not just love that line. Tamara, you truly have a gift.


Read Tamara’s and all the great stories here.



Congratulations Tamara, Rebecca, and H.L.! See you all in two weeks for the next #WIPflash.

2 thoughts on “#WIPflash – Week 2 – Results

  1. Thanks so much for the mention 🙂 I had a blast participating, got some good word count in, and I LOVED reading all the entries. So much talent in one place…

    Congrats Tamara!

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