#DailyPicspiration Week 4 – Entwined

Yeah, so here’s something you don’t see everyday from me.

My Picspiration:

And my… poem:



Wrap around me love, and I will want no more
For ‘tis in your arms my faith is reborn
My heart beats only for your touch
Pounding, straining, reaching
I believe the heavens themselves within my grasp
Then fall from the sky, cradled in your arms

Let me tumble to Earth, a fallen star captured
The heat of your breath stroking my skin
Finding pleasure in coarse threads
The silken slide of cotton and flesh
A base divinity that sends us soaring ever higher
To realms even gods cannot touch

Think not what comes next, but feel only now
The bliss of joining made bittersweet
We will part and we know it
But the night is still young
Wrap around me love, ever again
And entwined, I will want no more


© 2012 Cara Michaels

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