#MenageMonday – Winners – Week 40

Thanks everyone for being patient with the results. Again, for those who haven’t noticed, the close time for the challenge has been extended until 10pm. And holy smokes, look at all the entries! I got the results around 11:30 last night, but sorry… I needed some of this thing we call sleep. 😉

Thanks Judge Karen for pushing through a rough day to read and comment!

Karen Says: Before I get to the winners I just want to thank the lovely and talented Cara Michaels for not only using my picture as one of the prompts but allowing me to judge this contest. However, I wish she would have told me how difficult it was going to be, I almost had to bring out the pain pills to relax me! But alas I didn’t. I figured to judge such talent one needed to have a clear mind, or at least clear of heavy duty drugs. 

Anyway, I have to say I liked something in all of the entries but a few did stick out for various reasons which I noted with each winner. I’m sorry that there was a delay in announcing the winners, I hope you can forgive me and I wish you all success in your writing careers!



  • Sheilagh Lee|@SweetSheil
  • Bill Normyle|-
  • J Whitworth Hazzard|@zombiemechanics
  • Mark Ethridge|@LurchMunster
  • L.E. Jamez|@LEJamez
  • Jeff Xilon|@Jxilon
  • Rafe B|@etcet
  • Chessny Silth|@ChessnySilth
  • Daniel Swensen|@surlymuse
  • S.E. Adams|@SE_ADAMS_Writer
  • Dr Magoo|@drmagoo
  • J.M. Filipowicz|@Superhappyjen
  • Cara Michaels|@caramichaels
  • Stevie McCoy|@theglitterlady
  • Charles W Jones|@ChuckWesJ
  • D. Savannah|@dsavannahcreate
  • David A Ludwig|@DavidALudwig
  • Emmie Mears|@emmiemears
  • Robert Mahone|@Computilizer
  • Rebekah Postupak|@postupak
  • Janelle Jensen|@Janelle_Jensen
  • Goran Zidar|@GZidar
  • Christina Krieger|@cvkrieger
  • Martha Bechtel|-
  • Bullish |@bullishink
  • Miranda Boers|@PurpleQueenNL
  • JB Lacaden|@jblearnstowrite
  • Quill Shiv|@QuillShiv
  • H.L. Pauff|@HLPauff
  • Jeff Tsuruoka|@JTsuruoka
  • ML Gammella|@MLGammella (late entry)
  • Little White Dove|@thedovenest (late entry)



On to the Winners!


Judge’s Note: Janelle Jensen, I’ll have what your main character is having! Taste the rainbow, sister! 😉


Honorable Mentions

Daniel Swensen|@surlymuse

Karen Says: I really enjoyed this piece, especially Quint’s thoughts of the steel stacks so colorfully lit, “It looks like Disney World threw up all over a nuclear plant.” I’m sure the revitalization committee here would love to see that! In all seriousness, what caught my attention in this story was the ending. Swensen’s message of moving forward and not only getting back what you lost but the possibility that you’ll find something better is inspiring and should be remembered. We’re all faced with difficult situations and it’s up to us to accept the challenge and make the best of it. [read more]

Quill Shiv|@QuillShiv

Karen Says: Quill’s tale is another example of facing the impossible and preparing to move forward. As a mother my eyes automatically focus on any story involving children and Quill’s story, for me, captured a mother’s resilience. You have to be made of tough stuff if you’re going to be a mom and although she lost her daughter the woman in the story made a choice to survive, to live, even with her enemy’s baby in her belly. It left me feeling that she’d find a way to survive and whatever caused her pain and took her daughter away from her better start running because once a woman chooses to fight for her life nothing will stop her.  [read more]

H.L. Pauff|@HLPauff

Karen Says: I just really liked this story. At first I thought it was just another hospital story but the ending threw me and made me smile. It was a well written piece about fighting for one’s life, even if it’s not your own and the rewards that can come out of it. [read more]


Week 40 Judge’s Pet

Mark Ethridge|@LurchMunster

Karen Says: Ok, I admit it, I’m a sucker for stories like this. I have firsthand knowledge of what’s it like to fight for your life whether it’s a conscious effort or when you’re locked in a dream. I liked how Ethridge showed us how the main character slowly started to piece things together. Reading his final lines was like deja vu for me. Coming out of my own sedation I could remember dreaming how I needed to survive, fir my daughters, my husband, my family. Familiar voices that flooded my dreams turned out to be actual words spoken to me by loved ones. Ethridge definitely got the “Aww…” reaction from me.


I was in the hospital. Elaina, a blond, was with me. I’d been out of my coma for three days. I looked at the wall of the room. I saw the power plant, at night, illuminated by purple, red, and blue lights. The company said it was to make them look more artistic, and less ugly. They looked terrifying.

“I worked at the power plant, didn’t I.”

Elaina smiled. “Yes.”

I remembered walking into the building I worked in, going to the break room, putting my lunch in my locker, getting my helmet and clocking in. I opened the door to the room, and walked out. The door shut and two sets of sparks streaked down the hallway from the door. Then the world exploded.

“You remember the terrorist bombs, don’t you.” Elaina spoke. She was my wife. We’d been married for 25 years. She wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I remember.” I softly kissed her. “I remember you said I would survive this. I had to survive this. You loved me. You needed me.” I kissed her softly once again. “I had to survive. I need you too, my love.”


Week 40 Champ

J.M. Filipowicz|@Superhappyjen

Karen Says: As much as I love romance, I love dark and mysterious even more. I loved how it started out with what was a seemingly ordinary girl, other than the fact she can’t remember the last ten days, she’s caked in mud and her hair is sticky with blood. My favorite part of this story was the connection between the steak she was going to treat herself with when she found her way again and what her actual meal ended up being. It’s little twists like those that make me want to read more.

My Last Meal
By J M Filipowicz

I wake in a rainbow glow, the aurora borealis casting its light over the parking lot. If I believe the date on my wristwatch, ten days have passed. My suit and stockings are caked in black mud, my new black pumps missing. My head throbs. Touching my hair, I find it sticky with blood. A pool of it stains the pavement, footprints running through. They left me for dead, took my shoes and kept running.

Hunger gnaws. I think of the last thing I ate, yogurt from the break room fridge. No time for proper breakfast. If I survive this, I’ll have a steak, juicy and rare. I can taste the salty sweet blood.

I limp across the parking lot. A shadow darts under a flickering street light.

“Wait!” My voice groans. I don’t recognize it.

A man steps into the light, wearing the olive green of a security guard. He approaches cautiously, holding his broken flashlight like a weapon. He reeks of sweat and fear. An animal inside me takes over. I know how to satisfy my hunger.

As the man swings his flashlight I grab his arm, pull it towards me, and take a bite. Salty and sweet.


Congratulations, Mark and Jen! Claim your badges and display them with pride! (If you need any alterations for color/background, just let me know, or check the #MenageMonday page for a white background version).

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  1. Congratulations to all the Winners and Honorable Mentions! And Thank you to Cara for hosting this, as usual!

    A very special hug and thank you goes to Karen for taking the time to read through the stories, and being a fantastic judge. We love you, Karen. <3

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