#FridayFictioneers 05/04/12 – Homecoming

This demolition job only led me one place this week… and a day early at that:


I walked into my wrecked room and my heart seemed to just stop.

“Breathe, Circe,” Isaac said gently.

I sucked in a shuddering breath in response.

“I—I didn’t know Dad was remodeling.”

“He never got over your enlistment.” He sighed. “I think this was his response when you re-upped for another four years.”

“To erase me from the house?” Wallpaper older than me clung to the demolished walls. Dad had gone at it so thoroughly I could see the wall of the next room in places.

“I think he regretted it,” Isaac said. “Not right away. But—he regretted it.”


What do you think? I rather like this moment, so it will most likely wind up in my WIP, If a Tree Falls.

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14 thoughts on “#FridayFictioneers 05/04/12 – Homecoming

  1. I liked that a lot. The dialogue was believable, the emotions and reactions were all believable. Definitely read like a ‘keeper’ moment for your wip.

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