#FridayFictioneers 04/27/12 – The Hunt

Madison gave an irresistible photo prompt this week:

Sunrise signaled the beginning of the hunt.

I ran hard for my freedom. I stopped short, my feet kicking up puffs of dirt.

Wicked barbed fencing hindered my escape. I scurried along the perimeter, searching for a break or weakness.


Coiled barb wire hung over a rail, but the fence changed to a flimsy grid of metal. I clambered over it, not quite destroying it in the process.

In the distance, a hound bayed. The hunters would find my tracks easily, but they’d made a mistake in their choice of prey.

I’d give them the hunt they craved. The hunt they’d never forget.

For as long as I let them live.

What do you think? I might have to explore and expand this tale. Check out more Fictioneers action over on Madison’s blog.

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