#FiveSentenceFiction 01/26/12



Five sentences toward a certain WIP, based around the prompt clandestine. Oh, how I love that word. Brings to mind all sorts of covert and nefarious goings on.

I woke to find two women I recognized standing nearby, heads bowed together in conversation. I cleared my throat and my head threatened to roll off my shoulders—holy hell, what had been in that drink?

They looked at me in brief acknowledgment as I heaved myself upright in the bed—it looked like some kind of hospital deal—wincing at a tiny sting at my left elbow. A bandage covered the spot, as though I’d had blood drawn or been injected with something.

I offered a friendly, and completely sarcastic, wave and said, “I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, right?”

Hope you enjoyed my Five! Comments and feedback are always welcome.


8 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction 01/26/12

  1. This makes me wonder…so who were the two women and what did they do? …and what will happen next! I’m loving this five sentence fiction!

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