#MenageMonday – Winners – Week 17

Thanks to everyone who came out this week and to our judge RJ Davnall for providing such a fun prompt!


  • Leif G.S. Notae|@Vignirsson
  • Wakefield Mahon|@WakefieldMahon
  • Sheilagh Lee|@SweetSheil
  • Nellie Batz|@solimond
  • Charles W Jones|@ChuckWesJ
  • James Bambury|@JamesBambury
  • Robby Hilliard|@redshirt6
  • Sean Adams|@SEAdamsKY
  • Siobhan Muir|@SiobhanMuir
  • K Victoria Smith|@KVictoriaSmith
  • Bethany Lopez|@BethanyLopez2
  • Lisa McCourt Hollar|@jezri1
  • @LupusAnthropos
  • Susi |@SJIHolliday
  • Ryan Strohman|@rastrohman
  • Daniel Swensen|@surlymuse
  • Jen DeSantis|@JenD_Author
  • David A Ludwig|@DavidALudwig
  • Alana Garrgiues|@alanagarrigues
  • Cara Michaels|@caramichaels (ineligible)
  • Jeffrey Hollar|@klingorengi
  • Robert Mahone|@Computilizer
  • ML Gammella|@MLGammella



On to the Winners!




Honorable Mentions

K. Victoria Smith | @KVictoriaSmith

RJ Says: I thought this was everything a great piece of flash fiction should be; polished, to-the-point, richly evocative.

Lisa McCourt Hollar | @jezri1

RJ Says: *sniff* It takes a lot to bring a tear to my eye, but this story absolutely did.


RJ Says: I laughed loud enough to scare my housemate. Great twist on the prompt.


Week 17 Judge’s Pet

Robby Hilliard | @redshirt6

RJ Says: A really original take on the prompt (I’m a sucker for quirky acronyms), a really simple way of evoking a complicated scenario, and one hell of a good last line. Chilling!

“Genomic Holographically Oriented Spatial Telemetry,” the General said, addressing the Congressional delegates. “G.H.O.S.T. for short. It produces an extension of a person, based on fractally encoded information derived from human DNA, to a transcended state which is recognized by the angel device. Once this was accomplished we realized that the angel was broadcasting the same message repeatedly.”


Week 17 Champ

Jen DeSantis | @JenD_Author

RJ Says: I took exactly one note on this story: I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK. So, Jen, you get to win, provided you write it 😉

Azriel drew on the cigarette deeply. The shadowy figure lounging in mid-air against the statue didn’t look amused. The angel held out the butt in mock-offering.

“Want some?”

“Blessed are the generous,” the ghost sneered and turned his head away. “Whaddya want, Azriel?”

“That’s not how I remember the saying. I want something you have plenty of, Jake. Your time.”

Jake narrowed his eyes and floated toward the angel. “You want my time? Like you haven’t taken enough of that?”

Azriel crushed the cigarette under his boot heel. “I didn’t have any part in your death. And you do have plenty of time on your hands.”

Under the weight of the angel’s stare, Jake relented. He looked down, shaking his head.

“Who’s the mark?”

“Over there,” Azriel said, nodding with his head.

“Her? She looks harmless.”

“Looks can be deceiving.”

As the mousy-looking girl scurried through the church gate, she snatched off the dowdy head covering and shook out her shiny red hair. Green eyes glimmered as she regarded the statue of Christ, spitting and making a sign of evil.

“Ah,” Jake said with a shiver. “Sure I can handle a witch?”

“I have complete faith,” Azriel replied, chuckling.


Congratulations, Robby and Jen. Claim your badges and display them with pride! (If you need any alterations for color/background, just let me know).

Pass on the great news. Google Plus, Twitter, FB, smoke signals. I’m not picky. Check out all of this week’s offerings here, and be sure to come back next #MenageMonday!










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