#MenageMonday – Winners – Week 14

Okay, what a totally fantastic, hysterical, scary batch of stories! Santa hats off to all who participated for making the second #MenageMonday holiday bash such fun! Thanks again to judge Janelle Jensen.


  • RJ Davnall | @eatthepen
  • Robby Hilliard | @redshirt6
  • Daniel Swensen | @surlymuse
  • @superhappyjen
  • Sean E Adams | @SEAdamsKY
  • Greg Nance | @acenance
  • Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir
  • Ryan Strohman | @rastrohman
  • Michael A. Kozlowski | @MAKozlowski
  • @LupusAnthropos
  • Nellie Batz | @solimond
  • Charles W. Jones | @ChuckWesJ
  • Rebecca Clare Smith | @jocastalizzbeth
  • Maureen Hovermale | @zencherry
  • Gordon Bonnet | @TalesOfWhoa
  • David A. Ludwig | @DavidALudwig
  • Richard C. Hale | @Richard_C_Hale
  • Jen DeSantis | @JenD_Author
  • Miranda Gammella | @MLGammella


Janelle Says: Picking the following winners was not easy, by any means. All of the stories entered were fantastic!  My stories I picked each spoke to me in their own particular ways. It was so hard to pick only a handful out of so many truly great stories!  They were all winners in my book! *throws confetti in the air*  And thanks again to Cara, for hosting such a wonderful event!

***UPDATE*** So sorry, everyone. Not sure what happened, but apparently I forgot to save the final, final, final draft. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but the gist of it was something along the lines of…

Merry Christmas and thank you for joining me each week. As a thank you, please feel free to stop by Smashwords and pick up something new for your e-reader or PC app of choice (checkout code SN33B).


On to the Winners!


Funniest Story

Miranda Gammella | @MLGammella

Janelle Says: This story literally made me laugh out loud!  To imagine those disgruntled, terrifying undead creatures stuck in the bodies of such humorous little characters really tickled my fancy.


Most Romantic

Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir

Janelle Says: Who says that when the body dies, the heart stops beating?  As far as I can tell, the opposite is true in this haunting tale of a man who still desires to be loved.  And isn’t this the wish of all true romantics at heart?  This story felt like Christmas spirit as this ghost of a man reaches out to the lady he desires.


Scariest Story

Richard C Hale  @Richard_C_Hale

Janelle Says: There were a few stories that were quite thrilling and scary, but I have always been tormented by dreams of such monsters chasing me.  Add to that, the young innocents hiding amongst the Christmas decorations while the menacing Santa loomed near….I hope I don’t have nightmares!


Week 14 Judge’s Pet

Ryan Strohman | @rastrohman

Janelle Says: I have to admit, when I chose Christmas and undead (which eerily coincided with Cara’s photo!), my first thought was of zombies.  And Ryan’s tale was only one among many that took that same route that wandered through my mind.  What I loved about his, was the telling of the story through the eyes of man’s best friend.

He did miss Bill though. Bill had been killed and eaten like all the rest. He was a really nice guy, and even though he was blind, he loved to go for walks. Also, these monsters didn’t have enough sense to remove the silly Santa hat and jacket Bill had strapped onto him, even though he had scratched at them incessantly. Lifting his leg to pee on one of the decorations, he saw that the small group had turned to go to the next house. Maybe that one would be unlocked and would have some real food—like a bag of Purina.


Week 14 Champ

Gordon Bonnet | @TalesOfWhoa

Janelle Says: This story had me chuckling from the very beginning.  Not only was it funny, but I loved the way that Rudolph took his vengeance on all of those other tormenting reindeer and then moved on to continue his terrifying ways.  I may have a sick, twisted view of Christmas (look at my prompt choice!), but this story truly shone!

“Yo, Verdie Mae.”


“Them reindeers is moving.”

“It’s ‘reindeer,’ George,” Verdie Mae said, not turning from the kitchen counter, where she was putting together bread stuffing.

“What is?”

“The plural of reindeer. Ain’t reindeers, it’s reindeer. Ain’t ‘Santa and his eight tiny reindeers,’ is it?”

George stood, looking out of the window. “Didja have to put up so many of ‘em?”

“The more the merrier, I say. It’s festive.”

“I dunno about festive, but they’s moving.”

“Well, I know. They got motors inside ‘em, I had to plug ‘em in with an extension cord.”

“That ain’t what I meant,” he said. “I meant they’s moving. Like getting closer to the house.”

“That’s impossible,” Verdie Mae said.

George’s sloped shoulders registered defeat. When Verdie Mae said something was impossible, it was, even if it was currently happening in front of his eyes.

“And for god’s sake, George, put a nicer shirt on. Bonnie Jean and the kids are gonna be here in fifteen minutes. You can’t be at Christmas dinner wearin’ an old t-shirt with oil stains.”

George went and changed into a clean shirt. When he came back, the reindeer were closer to the door, as was the inflatable Santa. Santa was wearing a diabolical grin. George thought of the line, “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.” He shuddered.

“Verdie Mae, I think them reindeers, they’re, whaddyacallit, undead.”

Verdie Mae snorted. “How can they be undead, George, when they never been alive in the first place?”

“All I’m sayin’ is they’s moving. I told you. You better call Bonnie Jean and tell her to park around the back.”

“Why on earth, George? I swear, god’s honest truth, you make me mad sometimes.” Verdie Mae slammed down a measuring cup.

George stared out of the window. One of the reindeer, one with a bright red light bulb nose, had come up next to another, smaller reindeer, and had decapitated it. The pieces of the wire frame head were hanging from the red-nosed reindeer’s jaws; the headless reindeer had fallen down on its side. Another reindeer was watching it warily. Santa, from a distance, appeared to be having a belly laugh at the whole scene.

“They’s killin’ each other, I think,” George said. “Them reindeers. They’s killin’ each other.”

“All right, that’s it,” Verdie Mae said. “You are not watching no more reruns of The X Files.”

There was the sound of a car pulling up, and the reindeer with the red nose swiveled around to look, murder in its eye, and dropped the half-eaten head of its fallen fellow. George could hear the metal in its neck creak as it turned, silvery teeth bared, antlers lowered.

George had just sat down in his recliner when the screaming began.

Verdie Mae dropped a mixing bowl with a crash, and ran to the window, her mouth a perfect O of horror.

“I guess,” George said, “poor Rudolph got to play in his reindeer games after all.”


Congratulations, Miranda, Siobhan, Richard, Ryan, and Gordon. Claim your badges and display them with pride! (If you need any alterations for color/background, just let me know).

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