#MenageMonday – Winners – Week Nine


Week two of NaNoWriMo 2011 is in the bag. Hope all my fellow participants are still going strong. Thank you for taking time out of hectic writing schedules to participate in this week’s challenge to celebrate my offspring’s 10th bday and young readers. He had a blast reading the entries and learned some stuff about the honorable Mr. Holmes along the way.


  • Andrea Walpole / @AndreaWalpole

  • Stevie McCoy aka The Glitter Lady / @theglitterlady

  • Ryan Strohman / @rastrohman

  • Antonio Angelo / @AntonioAngelo21

  • Siobhan Muir / @SiobhanMuir

  • Nellie / @solimond

  • Lisa McCourt Hollar / @jezri1

  • Wakefield Mahon / @WakefieldMahon

  • Krista Bunskoek / @kbunskoek

  • Jen De Santis / @JenD_Author

  • Alana Garrigues / @alanagarrigues

  • M L Gammella / @MLGammella

  • Jeffrey Hollar / @klingorengi


On to the Winners!

Honorable Mention

Siobhan Muir / @SiobhanMuir

Kids building time machines to bring Sherlock Holmes to the present? Totally wicked.

When the tall man in a long checkered coat holding a funky pipe stepped out on the sand, Tiffany’s jaw dropped to the ground.


Week Nine Judge’s Pet

Wakefield Mahon / @WakefieldMahon

You’ve got Holmes and Watson. Then you add Holmes’ great-grandnephew trying to outwit (and maybe kiss) a young Mary Moriarty. Great stuff.

Nathaniel sighed and trudged back out through the farm towards the streets of Sussex. He ran over the riddle again in his mind. He had to win. It wasn’t so much that he wanted the kiss from Mary Moriarty promised if he won, but rather to prove she couldn’t outwit him.


Week Nine Champ

Ryan Strohman / @rastrohman

This one was the clear cut winner from the first read. Offspring read them first, then directed me to this one. The ending had us laughing our butts off. As my son said, your story was hysterical. 

“Mr. Holmes, thank you for coming.”

“Certainly, young man. How old are you, by the way?”

“I’m ten, Sir.”

“Ten? That is a fine age for an apprentice. Now tell me, what is the problem?”

“Well, Sir, I believe a witch has vandalized our playground.”

“A witch, you say? And what makes you think this?”

“Well, for starters, we found a jar labeled ‘Eye of a Newt’ next to the sandbox. We also see that our swing set has been damaged—most likely from something moving at an incredible speed through its middle. The heavy plastic seat is torn and the chains are all wrapped up around the top.”

“Your deductive reasoning skills are astounding, lad, but I must point out a fatal flaw in your theory.”

“Yes, Mr. Holmes?”

“Witches do not exist except for in Hollywood and the nightmares of children.”

“Really, Mr. Holmes? I beg to differ. Have you seen my mother in the mornings before she’s put on her make-up and had her morning coffee?”

“Touché, young man. Touché.”


Congratulations, Wakefield and Ryan.

Claim your badges and display them with pride!

Pass on the great news. Google Plus, Twitter, FB, smoke signals. I’m not picky. Check out all of this week’s offerings here, and be sure to come back next #MenageMonday!














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