#MenageMonday – Winners – Week Five


I got D. Ryan’s email late last night, but there was a critical detail missing. I emailed him first thing this morning, but since I still haven’t gotten a response, I’m just going to roll with what I’ve got to work with. Let’s just say it’s everyone’s lucky week, lol.

Thank you to Judge D. Ryan and all you wonderful author-types who joined and made Week Five another rousing success!


Honorable Mentions

  • Gordon Bonnet / @TalesOfWhoa / “Xenophobia” – Exceptionally Original Story!

  • Siobhan Muir / @SiobhanMuir / “Xenogenesis” – Love that Concept, such a cool tale of Adaptation, way better than Waterworld!

  • Sheilagh Lee / @SweetSheil / “Xerox” – Funny Twist!  Love this

  • Krista Bunskoek / @kbunskoek / “Xanadu” – The Constant Gardener Meets SciFy (you can guess I haven’t seen the constant gardener :D)

  • Phyllis Carmichael / “Case file 17239-C: The Xenomorphic Effect” – Weird!  Cool, gave me shivers a bit!

  • David A. Ludwig / @DavidALudwig / “Xenophile” – Cool Visual!

  • Charles W. Jones / @ChuckWesJ / “Xanthippe” –  Interesting Simple Story

  • Terry Byrne / @terryism / “We’re Gonna Need an XL Boat” – Wonder if this has ever happened like during Katrina

  • Bethany Lopez / @BethanyLopex2 / “Xanthodont” – Okay, that was scary…

  • Michael Kozlowski / @MAKozlowski / “Xeric Dreams” – Very interesting and funny!

  • Wade Finnegan / @qualitywriting / “Xerophilous” – What a sad story

  • Samantha Jane / @Samantha12Jane / “Xavier Roberts” – I just got a useless bit of information from this story.  Xavier Roberts invented Cabbage Patch Kids!  Who knew?


Week Five Judge’s Pet

Charles W. Jones / @ChuckWesJ

“Xenogenesis – Home*Auto*Business*Life*Health”

D. Ryan says: Yikes!  Love the Title btw! Just sounds so funny fantastic!

She slithered through the flood-waters shooting out her brood. The creature was normally satisfied to release her babies in the green waters of the lake but it was a treat to be able to share her young with the world. Each one was different from the next. The land creatures would be impressed with them.


Week Five Champ

Stevie McCoy aka The Glitter Lady / @theglitterlady

“Xanadu – Ode to Breathe”

D. Ryan says: Wow! What a cool way to look at things and to bring a Robot to life!  I love the way that you looked at how iron rusts and deteriorates as a form of life and delved into that in only 200 words.  Gave me a real sense of feeling for your character.

Like rust beneath the surface of a drowning city I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my remaining days. If ever a piece of iron could be living it was when water and air corrode it. Only then is it more than just metal; it breathes. I am just a robot in the monotonous routine of the world just waiting to live. It’s unfortunately that only when we are dying do we truly start to expand and fill our iron lungs with air. Protecting myself from the elements is what preserves my embalmed body but I am not afraid of oxygen anymore.

There is nothing left to indulge in but to risk my existence to another.

“When I met you my world stopped, for just a moment. When our eyes met I knew that I was no longer numb to the world. No longer blinded by the incoherent goals of my days I know now. Will you drown with me? In the ocean of our love?”

Will you drown with me?

You make me breathe.

I am alive.


Congratulations, Charles and Stevie.

Claim your badges and display them with pride!

Pass on the great news. Google Plus, Twitter, FB, smoke signals. I’m not picky. Check out all of this week’s offerings here, and be sure to come back next #MenageMonday!










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  1. LOL. I am ALL ABOUT useless information. I could kick some tail in Trivial Pursuit or on Jeopardy! Hells yes!

  2. Yeah, I forgot the honourable mention part, but hey, saved me even more grief of trying to pick yet another fantastic story out of the stellar bunch! Thanks for the judging gig! It was a blast!

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