Heart Still Beating – Six Sentence Sunday #7


Hey, Sixers! The rough draft of Heart Still Beating is done (woohoo!), so now it’s on to the agonizing editing stage. Last week’s snippet came from the female MC’s dreaming POV. Now take a quick look at what’s happening inside the dream:

“Let me go now,” I demand. “You can’t keep me here.”

“No?” Dark laughter rolls through my dreaming. “Your brain is far from dead. So long as your heart’s still beating, Lorelei, there’s always hope that you’ll wake up one day.”

Hm, so there you have it. Comments are always appreciated. Come by next week for another peek at Heart Still Beating and the editing should hopefully be done, and I may even have a publication schedule for this bad boy. 🙂

Until we meet again, enjoy the rest of your Six Sentence Sunday offerings.

16 comments on “Heart Still Beating – Six Sentence Sunday #7

  1. I love “dark laughter rolls through my dreaming”–so evocative. Nice six!

  2. Even his friendly words of “there’s hope that you’ll wake up one day” are sinister! Well done six. I still have furious chills from this scene. 🙂

  3. Chills. Seriously. Goose bumps on my arms. Love it.

  4. Congrats on finishing and love the dark six!

  5. Wow. Ominous. Congrats on finishing!

  6. How evil, that she should be pursued even in her dream. Give the gal a break! 😉 Great six.

  7. C.R. Moss on said:

    Oooh, intriguing!
    C.R. Moss

  8. Oh, that’s messed up!

  9. Very intriguing – and kinda creepy. 😉

  10. Wow….intriguing. Makes me wonder who’s the owner of the “dark laughter”. Great six this week!

  11. Kind of creepy and sensual, all at the same time. Well done!

  12. Okay, that is incredibly creepy… sounds like he’s in her head while she’s comatose… talk about invasion of privacy…

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